Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Big Move to Nashville -- What I've Learned

Hello everyone!

I've missed my blog so much. If you didn't know, I recently made a move from Connecticut to Nashville for a job promotion with Nordstrom! I've always had such a passion for the fashion industry, and I'm trying to get as much experience as possible in all different aspects.

Moving to a new city where you don't know anyone is very challenging. Especially as you get older. I'm not transferring schools where there are a bunch of kids my age. I'm not in college where everyone has a fresh start and looking to make new friends. I'm in a professional setting, in a new place, where everyone already has their life started.

Moving away puts a lot of pressure on a person; but to me, in a good way! It has taught me so many things, such as...

1.) Becoming independent and learning what makes me happy
2.) Learning to do things for myself and not settling for anything less
3.) Cutting ties with any negativity that was surrounding me
4.) Keeping the relationships I have with the people I love, strong
5.) Realizing who I really want in my life
6.) Most importantly, growing up and learning how to support myself, especially in tough times.

Of course I'm homesick, sometimes sad, sometimes really happy, and sometimes confused. But I'm 23. I don't need to have everything figured out, and I only have one life to explore and enjoy new places. No regrets.

To anyone debating whether or not to make the move to a new place, you can do it. It's a great experience! Give it a chance, a real chance. You'll never know what it's like if you don't.

Now... Here are some pictures I've taken since I've moved here!

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Also, let's connect on Twitter! @JennaLeeAnnLLC  Have you moved away? What's it like for you, and what's your biggest advice?


Thursday, September 24, 2015

OOTD: Exploring Nashville


I'm so happy it's finally Fall! Now let's just wait for the 60 degree weather, shall we? Here's an outfit I put together for a day of exploring Nashville.

Top: Nordstrom
Jeans: J Brand
Booties: Vera Wang
Hat: Nordstrom
Necklace: Tiffany

Black skinny jeans are a staple for the upcoming seasons. They are so versatile and go with almost any outfit! Dress them up or dress them down, every gal should have a pair.

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Talk to you soon!


Friday, September 18, 2015

OOTD: Fallin' In Love With Olive


I'm finally all moved to Nashville! Sorry it's been a while, I had a bit of a struggle getting here. Anyway, here's a little Nordstrom outfit that I put together for you guys!

Olive Tank- Nordstorm Rack
Black Skinny Jeans- J Brand (Nordstrom)
Grey Suede Booties- Ivanka Trump (Nordstrom)
Black Floppy Hat- Nordstrom B.P.
Jewelry- Kohls

Hope you enjoyed this simple look! More to come!


Friday, July 10, 2015

OOTD: Mint Julep Boutique & GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello all :)

I know it's only July, but Fall will be here before we know it, so I decided to do some shopping (what else is new). I recently came across this boutique https://www.shopthemint.com and fell in love with the entire site. I decided to use a top from the site to style in this Fall outfit.

Top: https://www.shopthemint.com
Scarf: Madewell at Nordstrom
Hat: Nordstrom
Leggings: Express
Booties: Vera Wang
Watch: Movado

I love this top because it's so versatile. You can wear it year round, and style it so many different ways. I also love the button detail! I'm seriously obsessed with https://www.shopthemint.com right now. Want to win a free 25$ gift card!? Enter below!!! Good luck :)

*Giveaway only available to US residents. This is a sponsored post.*


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Friday, July 3, 2015

OOTD: Summer Scarf

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great summer! It's been a busy one for me with my internship at Nordstrom. But I did manage to shoot an OOTD the other day, so I figured I'd share! Also, I have a collab with https://www.shopthemint.com coming up soon which may or may not include a giveaway. ;)

Pink Scarf- Nordstrom
Top- 344
Shorts- American Eagle
Cami- Aerie
Flip Flops- Old Navy (classic... haha)
Watch- Movado

Talk to you all soon :)


Saturday, May 30, 2015

OOTD: Casual w/ JORD Wood Watches

Hey everyone!

In my last post and on social media I mentioned I had a few collaborations coming up, and here is one of them! Today I teamed up with a wonderful company called JORD, which is a wood watch company. I have never seen anything like them, and I was ecstatic when they asked me to review one of their products. 

When you receive it, it comes in a wood box wrapped around a small pillow (so cute!). You can even get it sized before they send it to you with a printable ruler, which is very convenient! 

I styled the watch with a casual look by the river because it is a wood watch, which connects well with nature (of course). Here's what I wore for the bike ride!


Top: Forever 21
Shorts: American Eagle
Sneakers: Chuck Taylor Converse
Watch: JORD Wood Watches
Sunglasses: Michael Kors

JORD Wooden Watches
Hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you decide to purchase one of these watches! Send me a picture on social media:

Talk to you soon, thanks for reading! :)


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Update | Graduation, Tonsil Surgery, New Job, & Upcoming Collabs !!!

Hey everyone!

I have had quite the month so far... So let's take it week by week:

April 29th- I have finally gotten my tonsils removed. I had strep throat 12 times since the beginning of last year (ouch) , so it was time!

First week in May - Finals (any student knows that is a 24-7 week of studying and getting ready for the end, especially seniors!). Not fun/easy while on pain medication by the way...

Second week in May- Slowly getting out of recovery and I GRADUATED!

I'm finally fully recovered, and back on my feet! I'm starting a new job with Nordstrom as a Retail Management Intern to learn about the retail process and running a store. Who knows, maybe my clothing line will open back up in the future!? ;)

I also have a few different collabs/reviews coming up on the blog with great companies that I really think you guys will like. They all fit my style so well, so if you like a modern, edgy, contemporary or street style type of style, then make sure to follow my social media to see when they're posted! @jennaleeannllc -Twitter and Instagram

I also did a lot of shopping recently (as a present to myself for graduating of course...) so I hope to get some outfit posts up very soon!

It makes me so happy to blog again, and I can't wait for you all to see what's coming up!